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Nurture Oregon

You and Your Family Matter
No Shame, No Blame

Nurture Oregon's mission is to keep families healthy and unified by providing quality integrated care. Nurture Oregon envisions a state where pregnant people who use substances receive safe, supportive, stigma-free care. 

Nurture Oregon supports Pregnant people who have used substances during their pregnancy and continues to support them, their family, and their baby for at least one year postpartum 

Services offered include:

Peer Support
Support during and after pregnancy
Advocacy for parents and family
Transportation to and from appointments
Connecting participants to community resources

Pregnancy Support
Clinicians and nurses who can provide prenatal, postpartum, and pediatric care
Support during labor and delivery

Mental Health & Substance Use Treatment
Facilitated support groups
Trauma-informed counseling
Access to medications for substance use
therapeutic support designed to meet each person's specific needs

Care Coordination, and Case Management

Pregnant Belly
Nurture Oregon: Services

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